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Sci-Fi Weaponry Audio Pack

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Welcome to Elfshock Studios
We strive to enable our clients with all kinds of different tools – software, audio, vfx, you name it!

In this bundle, you will find a wide variaty of unique weapon sounds, carefully crafted with the intent to enable you to create thousands of different weapon sound combination. We provide you with both OGG and WAV files, giving you the oppurtinity to mix our sounds in any audio software you see fit.

All our sounds are game ready, designed for both professionals as well as people just now starting out.
Make no mistake – the audio clips in this package are completely unique, carefully crafted and made to enable you to create thousands of Sci-Fi sounds.

The Bundle Includes 218 unique sounds
→ 38 Handgun sounds
→ 24 Lasergun sounds
→ 18 Plasmagun sounds
→ 52 Shotgun sounds
→ 64 Autimatic-gun sounds

We will continue keeping this package up to date and even adding additional clips depending on feedback

Audio file types

  • OGG
  • WAV

Sample rate
Bit depth
24 lenght
Yes – some

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